Prince Caspian (Part 2)

Lucy is the first to see Aslan. She is asked why they couldn’t see him and she could. Lucy replies, “Maybe you weren’t looking for him.”

Later this conversation takes place:
Susan “Why do you think I didn’t see Aslan?”
Lucy “I don’t know. Maybe you didn’t really want to.”
Susan “You always knew you’d be coming back here, didn’t you?”
Lucy “I hoped so.”
Susan “I’d finally just got used to the idea of being in England.”

Are you looking for God? Can others see Him in places that you can’t?

How do you see God? How do we become like Lucy and see what others can’t?

Paul tells us to anticipate the day that we see Jesus and remember that heaven is our home and not this world (Phil 3:20).

When we are anticipating a reunion with God and we are looking for him was are more likely to see him everyday in our world and not get used to living here but looking forward to living with Jesus.


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