Why I’m Not Watching the Olympics

Rusty’s Reasons Not to Watch the Olympics

1. We have no arch enemy. When I was growing up it was always the USA versus the Soviet Union. It was like your bitter rivalry and struggle for world dominance every four years. You hated those red uniforms with CCCP on them (still don’t know what that stands for). Today who cares? We need an arch nemesis. Until we do the NFL preseason is more interesting.

2. Time Zones. Who wants to set up until 1:30AM to see the USA play basketball. I could watch the replay but ESPN, Fox News, CNN, and the Today Show tickers already told me who won.

3. Who Are These People? OK I know the basketball players. I know who Michael Phelps is because he must be the only USA athlete since he is all they ever talk about. I even know Shawn Johnston. But seriously, I have never heard of the rest of these people and after these games are over, Phelps goes on every TV show program, and the Wheaties box goes back to normal, when will you ever hear of these people again? I know, in four years when the Olympics is in London. It is hard to cheer for people you don’t know.

4. Could we get some real sports? I am the last to criticize something as not being a real sport but this is ridiculous. Yes these events require skill. They require amazing skill and I could never do them. I’ll even give events that have been events for 100 years plus a break. But are the following real sports: Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline, Hand Ball, Badminton, Synchronised swimming, Table Tennis, Synchronized diving? In 2012 softball will no longer be an Olympic sport I think they had to scratch it to make room for paint ball or laser tag or maybe fishing. This morning I turned on the Olympics to see Badminton. Are you kidding me?


One response to “Why I’m Not Watching the Olympics”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Yesterday was like 3 hours of coverage of the marathon. That was exciting TV.

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