Electing a President (Part 1)

Well it is political time as we get 20 days till the election so I thought I would throw out my 2 cents worth. First I am a about 50% Libertarian and 25% Republican and 25% Democrat with a strong Federalist philosophy. So that is my bias.

This is a topic that many people hinge their entire vote on. So let us look at the record. There are 9 supreme court justices. Currently 7 out of the 9 were appointed by pro-life presidents. So why has Roe v/s Wade not been over turned? What makes you think that the next president will select the justice that tips the balance and over turn this? Do you really think that 9 out 9 by pro life presidents will overturn this?

If you are basing your vote only on this issue then you are a fool. Sorry but the facts don’t lie. Tonight in the debate McCain says abortion will not be a litmus test and Obama basically said he will only appoint a pro choice justice.

I personally am pro life but believe this should be a state issue and not a federal issue.


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