Electing a President (Part4)

Health Care

Health Care is expensive. I pay $230 a month for mine. If my wife was on the policy it would be $400 and if we had 1 or more kids it would be $650+ a month. You can’t go without health care or one visit to the doctor will wipe you out financially while at the same time it is so expensive I can see why many do not have it.

Insurance companies exist to make money so it doesn’t take an expert to know that if a person becomes a risk to their profits then they have to raise rates or find some way to drop or not cover them. The same is true with any business. If an employee is costing the company more than their services then they have to be let go.

This election we have two views on health care. Both candidates want to help Americans obtain it. McCain is offering a $5000 tax credit for you to pick the insurance you want. In other words the government is going to give you money if you buy insurance with it. Obama is going to let you buy into a government plan somehow. To be honest he has done such a poor job of explaining this I have no idea how it works. If you are a couple McCain is going to give you free health care but you will have to pay $2500 a year if you have kids to get adequate care. Obama is somehow going to give you coverage but at what cost if any I am not sure.

This issue raises the question of is health care something the government should provide all its citizens. Is it is fundamental right? Part of me says yes and part of me no. How could anyone not want to help people who need medical treatment? If I am sick I want a doctor to see me and not have to worry if the visit will mortgage my future. If I am diagnosed with cancer I want treatment. I don’t want to cap out (all insurance have a max limit of coverage) and be denied coverage as it advances or is on the retreat. No one wants to see children hurting because their parents couldn’t take them to the doctor. I don’t think this is a right but as a benevolent nation it seems like we need to help our fellow man.

My grandfather was a War veteran and he was treated at the veteran’s hospital. This was terrible health care. It gives you a glance into what government ran health care would look like. Walter Reed Hospital was highlighted for its poor care for wounded soldiers. Tenn. Care has been a disaster and so has California’s state run medical plan. The government is so poorly managed that if it took on the role of an insurance provider or began to run a hospital it would be terrible. Remember the last time you had to go to the DMV or the social security office or filling out your income tax? Imagine that becoming your insurance or your hospital.

I believe the best way to solve our health care crisis is to solve the secondary issues that drive up the cost. Electronic billing, records, etc can save millions. Putting caps on law suits. Twenty million dollars will not bring your lost loved one back. I believe in holding people accountable and making them pay because that will help them be accountable but surely one million could be sufficient. Free clinics for minor ailments like colds, flu, viruses, and people who don’t feel well. We could mandate doctors serve a few hours a week or month. This could provide basic care to people that normally only need 10 minutes of attention.

At the end I don’t believe Obama or McCain will give us an answer to health care. How can either on pay for it when we have to borrow money from China and India for everything and we are in debt as a nation for close to 5 trillion dollars? Do we really want hospitals to look like a veteran’s hospital? Do we want our insurance to become as complicated as our tax system? Do we really think government can solve every problem and issue we have?


One response to “Electing a President (Part4)”

  1. Robbie says :

    Amen. My grandparents and cousins who live in Ontario, Canada have healthcare and it is a mess. To see a specialist they have to wait months. Ridiculous.

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