We just got back from our retreat to Lake Guntersville. The camp has under gone several improvements which was very nice. The view looking out over the lake is amazing. This year I didn’t get to spend as much time admiring God’s beauty as in years past but this is part of what makes this an amazing weekend. Below are just a few of the highlights.


Kari and Stephanie planned and ran games or challenges. They were fun, creative, and different. I love it when we do things different and they are not the same old same old. I think everyone loved playing especially the game with the 8 foot ball. No words could properly describe that game.


I love being able to spend time with people I love and just getting to talk with them and pray with them. There is something special about a place where there are no TV’s and other distractions and you get to talk abd share life with people.

Prayer Station

We did a cool prayer station after the campfire devo. There were 15 torches set up around the fire and each had a sin listed on it. If the sin described was in your life then you took a scoop of sand and put it in your bag. At the end most of us had a good size bag of sin that weighed a good bit. It symbolized how much sin can weigh us down. Then we all went and poured our sins out at the foot of the cross and prayed there. It was amazing to see kids and adults just stop and pray and reflect for long periods on their life and Jesus’ ability to save us.

Lord’s Supper

We take the Lord’s Supper every week. Some times we can all slip into a rut and turn it into a ritual instead of a remembrance and memorial. So at Guntersville we always try to do something to renew our passion and help us refocus on the sacrifice of Jesus. This year about 15 students shared what the cross meant to them. They shared their thoughts while clips of the Passion of the Christ was played. The video done by Joe Self was amazing. I love seeing people use their talents to make a difference. As I looked around the room I saw tears flowing from people’s eyes. Afterwards people were talking about it in groups.


We have some of the greatest people at Graymere. 20 adults went and they make everything go smoothly. Asa drove the ghetto grinder bus and it broke down and even though he was sick he stayed with the bus until a tow truck could come. The towing company (Stoney’s) gave us a free tow. Very generous. We have adults who pitch in and do so many jobs it just makes everything run perfect. Our students are great. They helped do many jobs that made it all go well. They love each other. 8 years ago I didn’t see a group that hugged and loved on each other like I do today. I love our students.


2 responses to “Guntersville”

  1. Zac says :

    To be honest, I thought that the kids would complain about this year’s retreat having no “flash” or “big event.” I was way wrong. I like you can see a big difference in the youth group now, compared to the youth group a few years ago. They absolutely loved this weekend and loved being around each other. A few years ago, I never would of dreamed that the leaders now would be willing to, and want to, share their lives with the younger kids. I couldn’t imagine them taking the cross prayer station so serious and spending the amount of time in prayer at it, and I def. couldn’t imagine so many kids that would be willing to share what the cross means to them on video. It reminds me of the one class we had at YS a few years ago when the guy talked about results, and how often we want them to soon and it’s better to be patient and see the changes that occur after a few years. I think you have your best group of students thus far! Keep up the good work. You and Dana truly are making a difference (ha).

  2. Dale Jenkins says :

    I know they had to have missed that great hypnotist that you’ve had in the past…what’s his name? Hmmm….

    Glad you had a good one!

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