NYWC (Thursday and Friday)

n552720260_4823932_94Critical Concerns Class

We took Catalyst for Spiritual Growth with Reggie Joiner. The class was amazing and talked about how we all grow spiritually and based on those things how we can use them to develop a strategy to help our students grow. The class was amazing and gave us all a lot to process. I love classes like this. They leave me with great ideas and lots of frustration. I live uplifted and feeling like a failure. The good thing is that I took the class with 4 other friends so I have others to walk and process this with.


Thursday- Jacks and the Sportsman Grille in the Hilton

Friday – Demos and the Sportsman Grille in the Hilton. We eat breakfast and lunch in the hotel to save money.

General Session 1

Frances Chan was amazing. He talked about being afraid to live and speak the words of Jesus. I can so relate to this. What if we challenged ourselves to live the life that Jesus talked about? What if we taught that Jesus meant what he said? His main theme was that the church in the bible was unstoppable while todays church is stopped over so many issues. Mercy Me played and I realized how much I love their music. David Crowder rocks!!

General Session 2

Tonight they had three speakers: Tony Campalo, Shane Claiborne, and Andrew Marin. Campalo was great and challenged us all to trust in the kingdom of God and not the kingdom of America or any others. Claiborne asked us to embrace the poor. Marin talked about reaching out to the gay and lesbian community. I have a heart for this so he really spoke to me. I thought the session went a little long. Could have done without the Q and A. My butt was sore and skipped the late night due to too much sitting.

Tonight we signed up to see a spiritual director. I have no idea what that is but thought I would try something new and signed 3 other guys up so we could all try it and talk about it later.


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