NYWC (Saturday)

General Session 3

Mark Yaconelli spoke and he is amazing. He talked about our souls and how that we are all wired to know God deep in our hearts. He always speaks about taking care of our souls.

General Session 4

I am sure the guys at YS will get plenty of hate mail for this one. Francis Collins spoke. He was the project manager for the human genome project. They mapped out the DNA for humans and many animals. He was an atheist turned Christian. He is a theistic evolutionist. I don’t agree with his thoughts but I enjoyed hearing someone tell me why they believe what they do. He is a scientist and quiet boring but interesting. I would never read his book or listen to the audio so I am glad I got to hear him live.

I skipped classes today and went and to the prayer chapel and rested. It is good to go into a dark room set aside to let people pray and just spend time there.

Food we went to Ichiban for some great sushi and ate the other times in the room and the night cap meal at the Sportsman Grille. Is there a theme here? I guess so.


One response to “NYWC (Saturday)”

  1. Jon says :

    I have watched an hour long youtube video of Francis Collins and was completely fascinated. He is quite dull, but while studying science (as I am forced to do here) we feel like they are disproving the existence of God, so alot of times i question. But the most interesting thing he said was “science can never disprove God, only just begin to explain His Greatness.” This was poerful to me and really strengthened me. I gave that quote to Will as well. Love the posts!

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