Christmas Greed

1983-mickey-greed-scrooge2About 4 weeks ago my mom and mother-in-law were asking me what I wanted for Christmas. I couldn’t think of anything except a 60 inch plasma. I thought for a day and honestly there was nothing I wanted. I am blessed and most things that I want I have. But something has happened. As I began to think about what I wanted for Christmas I suddenly discovered that there are lots of things that I want. So I sent them a short catalogue (via wish list features) of all the things on Amazon and Walmart I want. At first the list was like 2 things now it numbers 35 to 50 on each.

I then discovered one of the gifts that I am getting from someone and thought ??????? Do they not even know me? I mean seriously why would they get this for me? I was upset about it for a while and then I thought: It is a free gift. Why do I care if it is useless? Why do I care if I will never use it? It is free. The truth is that I was upset because I wanted stuff that I wanted and not this.

I struggle with greed. I would say it is one of my top 3 sins I struggle with. I first discovered this two years ago after hearing a sermon series called It Came From Within by Andy Stanley. I may write about this struggle another time.

But there is something about this time of year that stirs up the greed in most of us. We can go from being content to wanting so much. We buy gifts for ourselves while we shop for others. We look at sales papers and begin to notice what others have so much more this time of year. My goal this year is to not get upset over bad gifts, stuff I did not get, to not buy myself presents along the way, and to give more freely. I have learned that the key to overcoming greed is to be generous. It is amazing how you can’t be greedy while giving.


2 responses to “Christmas Greed”

  1. andrewdodd says :

    Fine, you get a link, too. Now you just have to hope that I bother to write another post some day.

  2. Gary says :

    The key to getting a link on Andrew Dodd’s page is to set up a blogsite with no content — just an “About” explanation. Sorry, you are actually trying to express yourself, so you do not qualify.

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