Shopping is Done

computer_shopcartI am officially done shopping and should have everything wrapped today. I would have finished it last night but ran out of tape. I bought 95% of my gifts online. Three main reasons.

#1   Discounts. Most gifts were 15% to 60% cheaper online.

#2   Convenience and No Crowds. I don’t have to go to 20 stores, fight crowds, wonder if I am getting the best deal, etc.

#3   Not available in stores. There are many things not available in stores that people want and you can get exactly what you want online.

The downside to this is that I am afraid we will run local stores out of business. There is no way that they can compete with large companies that can buy in bulk. Yes it is higher but then someone(s) in our town will start loosing there jobs. So my question is should I feel bad for buying online and not in local stores? What is the internet going to do to small business and some major stores in 10 years?


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