Wonderful Weekend

the_wizard_of_oz-030This was a great weekend. Dana and I went to Evangelism University in Savannah, TN. It is by far my favorite youth event that we go to. This year they changed it up but I loved it.  Dana and I were able to go over on Friday night as two of our adult leaders brought the students over on Saturday. Twenty five  of us in all went. We were able to meet our new interns (Bryan and Whitney) and they seemed to fit right into place. Whitney went to bed a little early so I told the girls in her room to go wake her up. So at 1 am they ran into the room and jumped on the bed. Welcome to Graymere!!

After EU, Dana and I went to Nashville to see the Wizard of Oz at TPAC. It was wonderful. After the play we went to Tazza to eat and were able to stay at the Double Tree next to TPAC. This morning we woke up to snow fluries and went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and got to see an old friend who works there. Tonight we will just lay around and goof off and pray for snow so we can get an extra day off for Dana. The best part of the weekend was that it was free thanks to many people who gave us gift cards for Christmas and our anniversary!!


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