The 44th President of the United States

obama21Tuesday was a remarkable day. I went home to watch the inauguration because I wanted to relish the moment and soak it all up. Forty years ago African Americans could not eat at the same restaurant as whites and today Barak Obama is our 44th president. To me this highlights that we can change. I think Obama will be a great hero to young children and will destroy stereotypes that people of all colors have.

I am a Libertarian in political philosophy. I hate big government but thanks to Roosevelt, Johnson, and G.W. Bush our government is obese. I am not sure if it will grow under Obama like it did under Bush, I pray it doesn’t.

I am an evangelical Christian with conservative social views and I assume that Obama will take the country more to the left as he appoints judges and signs laws concerning abortion, stem cells, and other social issues.

I am sure that I will not agree with many things that Obama does but am hopeful that in the end his positives will out weigh his negatives. I hope he can bring real change to Washington. That the words in his address today are not hollow cermonial words but that he will try to help Washington become effecient and work for the people. Today was a great day and I am glad that I was able to take time off to watch it and relish the moment. I hope he is one of the best presidents we have ever had.  May God bless Barak Obama.


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