defy1Last night I went and watched Defiance. It is a based on a true story of the Bielski brothers who escape the German police as they gather up and kill Jews during the Holocaust. The three brothers escape to the forest to avoid the Germans and slowly begin to lead a community of over1200 Jews who lived in the forest for 3 years. Their story is one of survival, faith, and struggles.

This is a great movie that had flown completely under the radar here. It is 2 hours and 15 minutes long and had me completely captivated the whole time.

At one point the man who emerges as the Rabbi says a chilling prayer over the grave of another person who didn’t survive the winter. His prayer is shocking, full of emotion, and I think when over come by grief one that many may pray. In the end the Rabbi’s faith is restored as he sees that the people will survive even though he will not.

The amazing thing to me was that this movie is based on a true story. I had never heard this story and only happened to go to see it.  I only saw James Bond with a gun and thought it looked like a good guy movie. I am so glad I stumbled into this movie.

The movie has about 20 curse words and of course lots of violence (it is about WW2).


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