Crazy Love

crazyCrazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God by Francis Chan

Crazy Love is one of those books that have deeply impacted me and called me to change my life. Francis Chan calls us to live out the words of Jesus and to quit making excuses for why Jesus didn’t really mean what he said.

The first two chapters were ok and then starting at chapter 3 the book took off. Chapter 4 was hard to read and after reading it I didn’t read any more for a week. I knew that Chan had rightly called me out as a lukewarm Christian. I think it took me a week to accept, process, and think I need to change. Chapter 5 futher convicted me as he talks about how we often serve God our left overs. Chan is blunt as he tells us that Lukewarm Christians will not be saved. My favorite part is when he says what part of spit you out of my mouth sounds like welcoming us into his arms.

Chan is a great ballance in a grace gone wild world. He talks of God love for us and our love for him. Many times I have used grace as a way of excusing my own actions and simply have abused God’s love. I have been called to live a new life, a changed life, one that is a light to those around me. My life should be different from others. If people are not questioning me and asking me why I live the way I do then they are a testimony that I am not living out the words of Jesus.

This book is a must read. Some will see it as a works based book. Chan explains that he used to act out of fear but now it is out of love. His chapter on when we are in love is so true. Walks in the rain are not annoying but romantic when we are in love. When we are in love with God actions are not out of fear or duty but a response of love. Grace abounds so we don’t have to question if we did enough or were good enough but a faith without works is dead.

Get the book, read it, and give it to others. It has inspired me to live out the words of Jesus.


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