The Penny

pennyThe Penny: A Novel (Paperback) by Joyce Meyer, Deborah Bedford

The Penny is about a family of four. The father is physically, emotinally, and sexually abusive. The mother has been beaten and defeated to a point that she never challenges him and escapes everytime the dad abuses the girls. The girls have been abused all their life and the dad tells them that they are worthless and will never escape his controll or ammount to anything.

The main character is the youngest daughter, Jenny. Her fate changes when she finds a penny one day. Her finding the penny starts a chain of events and connects her with Mrs. Shaw, a mysterious woman who owns a jewelery store. Mrs. Shaw shows Jenny love and helps her realize that she is vaulable and loved by God. This relationship grows and will ultimately change everyone’s life.

I am not a fan of fiction but liked this book. It is easy to read and each chapter moves fast advancing the story. It has a great message and shows how loving people can change not only their world but your own.


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