Where did February Go?

beach017This has been a very busy season for me. Friday (Feb 27) we had our winter retreat in Gulf Shores. I loved it although the drive was rather taxing. I just don’t do well on long road trips. Our theme was storyline. We talked about how God has a story to tell and while we can see some of the story by reading the bible, God is still writing today and we are part of that story. We all spent 45minutes on the beach writing our part of God’s story and reflecting on if we like the role we are playing. Saturday some of us shared our story and we well all told what role we would like to play. Rachel wrote that she wanted to become a Christian so at 11pm we walked down to the beach and she was baptized. Over all a great weekend!!

This week I am working on my lesson for Heritage Christian Alumni days. I am speaking on Transformational Youth Ministry. I also have to get my lesson up for Sunday where we are doing a 4 part series on dating and sex. And our youth ministers retreat is next week.

Some how along the way I went from the 9th of February to the 3rd of March.


One response to “Where did February Go?”

  1. remackenzie11 says :

    At least you are not flying 16 hours to Africa! The cup is half-full my friend!

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