Blue Like Jazz

bluelikejazzBlue Like Jazz has been out for a while and it seemed like everyone was reading it a few years ago. I think that this is why I have avoided it for so long. But while on vacation Dana and I listened to it on our drive. This has become a tradition of trips. On another subject any thing narrated by Jim Dale is a good listen.

Oh well Don Miller read his own book and it was great. His monotone style is quiet enjoyable.

The book was very enjoyable. It is basically a journey of his spiritual life and I could relate to it so much outside of the fact that I have never lived with hippies out in the woods for a month.

The basic theme is that we need to love God and his people. The more we love the less we sin. The more we love the more we live out the mission of God. Jesus loved people no matter who they were. His love really was unconditional. He didn’t care how they treated him, if they loved him backed, if they could do anything for him, or any even if they would mistreat him.  I want to love like that but wonder if I can. How do you love people that don’t love you back or are just indifferent to you?


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