Alabama Basketball

grantI am a big Alabama fan and went to the UA to watch ball games. I made an A+ in sports and .. well I try not to think about my other grades. But you know to watch every football, basketball (men and women), baseball, and to catch an occasional tennis, track meet, gymnastics meet, and yes even one lacross game it was hard to fit studying for classes into my schedule.

Alabama basketball has always been close to my heart because football tickets were hard to come by so we went to basketball games. When I was in high school Alabama basketball was at its heights. Wimp Sanderson was the coach and yes I even had my own plaid jacket. Wimp was there for 12 seasons and we won 20+ games for 9 seasons. Made the sweet 16 six times. But after Wimp basketball has fallen on hard times outside one season where they made the elite eight (2004).

Anthony Grant is the new coach as of Friday. Grant was an assistant under Billy Donovan when Florida won a national championship. He lead VCU to three straight Colonial Athletic Association regular-season titles and two tournament appearances in three years.

I hope he will help rebuild Alabama basketball. I am nervous because Gotfried was the boy wonder who won 3 OVC titles in 3 seasons and made two tournament appearances at Maury State. He was 68-24 at MS. He lead Bama to five tournament apperances but just seemed to quit the last two seasons.


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