Weight Loss

dscf0449I am overweight and have been for years. In 2005 I weighed 240 and lost 30lbs. It was a great start but not where I needed to be. Then I went on vacation and thought why not splurge I’m on holiday and so I did and have. Well after more pints of Ben and Jerry’s and Dove ice cream that you could ever imagine I am back to 230. I hate this and feel terrible. I know that I am a prime candidate for diabetes. All my fat rest around my stomach. So I am determined to loose the weight. I have no number goal but to loose the stomach. So I am dedicated to eating better and doing some exercise each day. My real goal is to get off the deserts and the fast food. Exercise can be anything from walking, riding my bike, or basically something I enjoy doing. Dana and I have started walking the two mile loop around our neighborhood. We are able to talk about our day and see our neighbors. So I hope to make a bi-weekly post to let you know how the weight loss is coming.


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