Programs 2

It is easy to hate on something that has so many flaws. It is just too easy to pick on and destroy. I hate programs but in reality they are often a neccessary evil. So how do we keep programs from becoming like all other programs and is there an alternative?

Personal Lead Ministries – This is scary because it requires us to let people discover their talents, gifts, abilities, and heart. Sometimes the idea they have is rather weird or so different we have no idea if it sounds like a ministry or something left over from woodstock. But when we help people discover their own ministry and passion they don’t need a program to do what God has called them to do. It can be someone teaching a computer class, designing graphics, gardening, reading stories to children, art, photography. I was watching TV the other day and saw a woman who took pictures of babies in the hospital that were not expected to live. She took these amazing pictures and gave them to the families to help them remember their child. The great thing about this is it used her gifts, blessed people she never knew, and helped them as they grieved. No program was needed just someone who loved blessing others in her unique way. I have seen people raise large gardens to help provide food for people. The list goes on and you know people like this. They have a gift, a passion, and they use it.

Evaluate – I am not talking about a 30 minute session but a hard core lets look at every angle and see what is working and not and if it could work better. Any program or ministry will eventually become stale or in a rut unless you work to keep it relevant to its original purpose. Unless you really look at a program and see how it is doing and tweak it you can guarentee it will become stagnent, outdated, or not function like it could.

New Leaders – You need to bring in new leaders and train new ones as well. Some leaders are very aware of what is going on and try to keep up with change but most do not. Most people in leadership will get complacent especailly when they are volunterring and have a full time job and family.

Remember Your Purpose – Programs are created to serve a purpose. When we constantly have the goal of accomplishing our purpose we see flaws and needs more easily.


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