A few weeks ago I was watching Fox and Friends when I heard them talk about This is a website that tells you the best time during a movie to go to the bathroom. I think this may be the most helpful website I have come across in a year. Here is an example of when they suggest you go to the bathroom in the new Johnny Depp movie Public Enemies:

“RunPee at approximately 54 minutes into the movie when John says to the cop, ‘I have absolutely nothing I want to do in Indiana.’

You have approximately 4 minutes to RunPee while

We see John being taken to Indiana on a plane. There are lots of photographers and reporters there when he lands but he doesn’t talk to them. Then there is a car ride to the jail. Once at the jail he is questioned by reporters. Part of this scene is in the previews. The interaction between John and the reporters is very cordial. He talks about the first store that he robbed. He mentions that he shouldn’t have robbed the store because the owner was a good man. But he did and got caught. He then spent 10 years in prison for robbing a store for only $50. He said that while in prison he met some fellows and learned a lot from them. That’s how he became a bank robber.After this scene he meets with his attorney. You should be back by this time.”


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  1. Joey Sparks says :

    They recently released a RunPee iPhone app as well. Portability is a huge benefit…

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