Smart Phones and Ministry

vzw-blackberry-storm-leftIn February I got a Blackberry because I wanted a phone to sync my calendar on my computer. This has been working great over the last several months. It has worked so good that we just got Dana a Blackberry so we could sync our calendar’s together.

Last month I was going to put Alabama’s football schedule in my phone. This is crucial to planning. When I went to their website they had a feature where you could download their schedule into Outlook. Wow! I did it and it was amazing. This then gave me an idea. I had my secretary put all our students birthday’s in a calendar so anyone could do the same. I am planning on doing this with our youth calendar as well.

Just think you can put your year long youth calendar in a CSV file and people can import it into their computers and phones in seconds.

We also have a database with everyone’s name, phone number, address, email, etc. In about 3 clicks I was able to transfer everything into my phone.

Are you guys doing anything else with smart phones to help you with ministry?


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