Spiritual Depression

depress1There are times that I feel spiritually depressed. It seems like every fall I get this way. I have tried to figure it out but it seems every year around the end of October to November I get wore out and just have a hard time wanting to do anything. I don’t want to serve, I don’t want to read, I don’t want to pray, I don’t want to do anything. Well I do want to watch football, sleep, and eat chocolate.

The bad thing about this is that as a minister we are not supposed to be drained spiritually. I mean we are to be there for people. But who do we turn to? How often do people ever check into see if their minister is doing ok spiritually? In all honesty I doubt many ministers would admit to not doing well. It is hard to teach a class, preach, etc and then tell someone that you are struggling.

For now I do call the words of Robert Benson in his book Constant Prayer. I say the prayers when I don’t feel like it. I do the mundane so I can experience the divine.


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