Staff Meetings

Paper wadI am probably one of the few people who like meetings. Well that is if the meeting is actually about accomplishing something and not just talking. Meetings however can be tricky. Our youth leadership team consist of 18 people. There are people who will dominate every meeting if you let them. They feel like they know the answers and they don’t mind sharing. There are others who think they know the answers but are too shy or timid to say anything. It is easy for them to feel overlooked, under valued, and like no one ever listens to them.

Yesterday I wanted to do something a little different and make the meeting a little more fun and get everyone to share. It was a dream about the future meeting and what we wanted to do was get several ideas about 5 areas: evangelism out reach, new adults to add to our team, servant events, topics our students need lessons on, anything goes section for ideas in general.

I gave everyone paper and a marker and we would throw out a topic and have everyone write their thought on one sheet of paper. Then we wadded it up and stated throwing them at each other. After several throws we would un-wad them and you would share the idea on the paper you had.

Advantages of doing this:

1. People who are normally quite had their ideas listened to.

2. People who are talkers didn’t talk as much because they weren’t sharing their ideas.

3. It was fun.

4. We had several ideas and could see ways to marry many of them together.

5. We covered a lot of ground that we normally wouldn’t cover because of time.


One response to “Staff Meetings”

  1. Stacey Dalton says :

    I LOVE this idea! It will be used in the future!

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