My Favorite Time of Year

This is my favorite time of year. Football season is in full swing and Alabama and New England are doing well. I just went to EU training and had an excuse for buy another book that my classes will come from. It is called “Going Public With Your Faith”. I will review it next month.

This year my class at EU is about how to share the gospel of Jesus using only one verse.  I love this concept because it doesn’t seem intimidating. Anyone can remember one verse.

I think many times we make sharing Jesus with people seen as complicated as explaining nuclear fusion. It is actually very simple and that is what this years focus will be on and you only need to know one verse.


The other reason this is my favorite time of the year is because it is time for the National Youth Workers Convention or as many of us just say I can’t wait for YS. If you are a youth minister this is the place to be. Why should you go outside of all the cool youth ministers are going. Glad you ask and here is why:

1. It is where everyone who has written a book on youth ministry is at. There is a 90% chance that anyone who has written a book in your YM library is going to be there and you can chat with them.

2. Where else can you go and hang out with 5,000 youth ministers. This is a haven for anyone who has ever felt misunderstood because now you have 5,000 who totally get you.

3. Friends. I get to hang with Joseph Horton, Barry Throneberry, David Knox, Danny and Tammy Sorrell, Jason and Amanda Brazier, and Chuck Morris if he will be a man and make his glorious return. Chuck, David Crowder called and wants you to attend like the saved. If you don’t have friends we will become your for the next 4 days unless we meet you and realize you are a dork then we are getting really bad service and can’t get or return your calls. Seriously though there are ways to connect with people from organized small lunch groups and more.

4. I love to learn new things and this weekend generates more ideas and how did I not think about that moments. Every year I come back thinking wow why are we not doing that.

5. Food, yes that is right I like to eat. Our hotel has a free cook to order breakfast and I know evenings already have a sushi night and Ruth Chris on tap. I am so ready for some amazing food. I am thinking Chicken and Waffles for Monday at Gladys Knights.


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