NWYC – Saturday

Perry Noble spoke and he was funny and I liked his message but I thought it was sad that he took a passage and made it fit what he wanted to say. I thought what a contrast from Stanley and Chan.

Perry had four prayers for youth ministry. 1) we would be paid attention to and that churches would invest in students. 2) That we will submit and sell out for Jesus. 3) That we would have a Biblical foundation. 4) The we would be stewards of whatever God has given us.

That afternoon I met with a spiritual director and it is great talking to someone about your struggles who doesn’t know you and you may never see again. Very freeing and I have some homework to help me.

That evening three students were to speak on how they saw a problem and wanted to be a part of the solution. One girl raised 4,200 pairs of shoes and money to send them to Africa where people are being crippled because of a parasite they contact because they have no shoes. One guy had helped raise a half million dollars to help stop human trafficking. And the other girl had helped raise a half million dollars to buy mosquito nets to help fight malaria. That girl actually wasn’t able to come because she was in Siberia working at an orphanage over the Thanksgiving holiday. So her dad came and talked for her. Her dad was Jeff Foxworthy. He talked about how God could use kids to do amazing things. He also did his “Things I Don’t Understand” routine.

I didn’t make Open Space but most people gave it rave reviews.


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