NWYC – Sunday

Donald Miller spoke today and it was amazing. I was amazed. I mean I was happy to hear him because of “Blue Like Jazz” but I had little hope that his message would be anything but nice. Well I was wrong. He talked about how after he got everything he wanted he was not happy or fulfilled. A guy wanted to make a movie about his book and as he explained what it took to make a great movie he realized why his life seemed empty.

Every good story has to have a character that endures himself to the audience and their has to be some conflict that he has to overcome and in the end he succeeds. Think about your favorite Bible story and see if that isn’t true. But we often avoid conflict, avoid opportunities to endear ourselves to others, and see success as accomplishing a goal and not as being in heaven with Jesus.

That was an inadequate recap, but get this CD it was great.

That afternoon I went to Mark Matlock’s class on mentoring and it was great. Planet Wisdom has developed a 12 week mentoring program and it is free. You can get it at http://www.wisdomworks.com

Reggie Joiner spoke that night but I skipped it because his talk was based on a series of lessons from last year in Nashville. If you have never heard Reggie you should and go buy his book Orange it is great.


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