BSC and College Football

Tis the season for Christmas and BCS controversies. There is no perfect way to solve this problem. There is too much money and tradition to get rid of the bowls. The little guy will always get left out and to be honest I don’t feel sorry for them. I think BYU, Utah, Boise State, and all the other schools get exactly what they deserved. There are two things they could do to help them not get left out.

First you have 2-4 out of conference games. Play a top program school. Schedule a USC, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, someone every one sees as a top program. Then if your conference is really weak play some other teams that may not be in the top-tier but respectable. Play a Virgina Tech, Cal, Rutgers, etc.

The second thing you need to do is make your conference 12 teams and have a playoff. The Mountain West may not recruit a big program to their conference but having a playoff would help them. A Utah v/s Texas Christian championship would have helped them get into the championship hunt.

If you are a school and you know people generally will not respect you then do something about it. Look at Boise State. This year they played Oregon but look at the rest of their schedule: Miami Ohio, Fresno St, Bowling Green, UC Davis, Tulsa, Hawaii, San Jose St, Louisiana Tech, Idaho, Utah St, Nevada, New Mexico St. In the meantime Alabama played seven teams in the top 25.

Texas Christian played Virgina (3-9) and Clemson (8-5) as part of their off conference schedule. Why would anyone not respect them?

The cards are stacked against the little guy but at some point they have to man up and schedule someone better. Look at USC. Their out of conference schedule included Ohio State and Notre Dame. Alabama played Virgina Tech and has Penn State on tap for next year. Florida plays Florida State and Miami.

The bowl system is not going away so man up little guys. Tell your AD to call and drop Bowling Green and get someone to play that people would respect. Tell your commissioner to install a playoff season in your conference.


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