Digital Camera Scavenger (Christmas Edition)

This year we went to Greenhills Mall to eat at the Cheesecake Factory for our Christmas Party. We like going there because you never know what celebrity you may run into. Last year we saw Jeff Fisher, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift. This year we saw none.

We did this scavenger hunt to help pass time as we waited on our tables to get ready.

Here is our list

Pictures of People not With Us

Kid pitching a fit

Kid Crying

Unusual Item

People wearing bad Christmas sweaters

Guy in really tight shirt

Someone famous

Someone showing off their tattoo

Crazy nativity sets for sale

Cute Couple

Not so cute couple

Pictures with Your Group in Them

Picture with Santa

Wearing scarves

With someone famous

With a good looking person

Reading a Christmas book to group

Goofy faces

Player shot

Food on face

Feeding another person in a weird way

Group with waiter or waitress

Group with big sunglasses


On escalators

In a massage chair

With a mannequin

Playing with toys

Trying on something weird


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