Alabama National Champions and 2010 Season

Image by © MIKE BLAKE

Alabama won their 8th national title since the polls began. Colt McCoy went out in the first quarter and I think everyone hated to see that. Colt is a stand up guy and he is first class. Everyone wants to see their team win playing against the other team’s best. But injuries are a part of football and so are making excuses for your team. Some will say if Colt doesn’t go out then Texas would have won. Maybe we won’t know. If Colt isn’t injured maybe Alabama doesn’t lay down in the 3rd quarter. If Ingram didn’t miss 20 minutes of play due to cramps maybe Alabama scores in the third and keeps Texas off the field. If Mac Brown calls a kneel with :15 left in the half, if the running back actually catches the pass, Gilbert actually tackles Darius, etc.. maybe Texas wins. But we all do it. We all make excuses for our teams. It was a bad call, injury, some injustice. Last year after the Sugar bowl I said if Smith didn’t talk to his agent get suspended and our other offensive lineman didn’t get hurt in the first series, then we may have stopped their defense from sacking JPW and interrupting our run game and we would have won.

As I gaze to 2010 a couple of things stand out:

Alabama will play Penn State, Florida, Tennessee, and LSU. Talk about a tough schedule. We need Duke and Georgia State to balance that out.

Texas will play UCLA, at Oklahoma, and at Nebraska.

Boise will play Virgina Tech (Herbsteit’s preseason #1) and Oregon State

Oregon will play at Tennessee and at USC and host Utah.

Cincinnati will play Oklahoma and in 2011 Tennessee and in 2012 Virgina Tech. I think their AD has stepped up and realized if they want respect this is how you do it. Play the big boys and win.

Utah follows suit adding Oregon and Notre Dame.

Notre Dame will play UCS, Utah, Stanford, Boston College, and Pittsburgh.

When I look at all of this here is what I see. If Boise wins out they will play for a national title. Their conference is weak but that would be two quality wins. If Bama wins out that will be a miracle. Notre Dame you may go 8-3. Oregon is playing a tough schedule they will do good to make the Rose Bowl. Texas is like Bama they return a lot of guys but play a tough schedule. If they go undefeated it will be amazing.

So here is my prediction. Boise v/s Alabama for the 2010 National Championship. Boise I think will go undefeated. I am very secure in my prediction there. Alabama, well I am a homer so that is wishful thinking and I don’t see any of the other guys listed above making it.


2 responses to “Alabama National Champions and 2010 Season”

  1. Joey Sparks says :

    I don’t think you’re far off. Pollsters sent a statement by putting Boise behind two one-loss teams this year, but they’ll give them their shot (provided they win out) next year.

    Herbstreit has Bama at #1 in preseason though. VaTech #5, Iowa #4, Oklahoma #3, Ohio St #2, Bama #1. (think he’s a Big 10 homer, or what?)

    Great season in 2009.

    I agree that we don’t run the table in ’10. Too much pressure to do it three years in a row. I think we drop one (or who knows, two) to Arky, Tenn, Ole Miss, or MSU. Still win the West though.

    Good stuff. Roll Tide!

  2. pettus says :

    Your right he started with #5 V Tech not having them at #1.

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