2010 Election Heating Up

I love politics. Let me restate this I love the chess game. I care less about policy and the like but the chess game intrigues me.

In 1994 after Clinton tried to push in a more progressive agenda the democrats lost 54 seats in the house and 8 in the senate. This was a major swing. Usually the opposite party of the president will have some success because people will not be happy with the results of the incumbent.  This was a major swing.

The 2010 elections may produce a similar result. Two long term senators are retiring as are four congressmen. There are rumors that three more dems from the house will retire this year. Most of those retiring give various reasons but the main is that the polls say they will get torched in a re-election bid. Some suggest that the dems will lose 4-6 seats in the senate and up to 35 in the house. This is not a swing like in 1994 but could still be huge.

The part that intrigues me is what will happen if the republicans can take back the house and break the senate 60 vote majority. Will Obama moderate like Clinton or will he hold? Will he begin to focus on how to win re-election or will he hold to his values and risk being a one term president?

One other interesting side note is that Sarah Palin is becoming a news contributor for Fox News. I personally don’t like Palin and would never vote for her. I love Bill O’reilly and I know she will be on his show. I think this is her attempt to rebuild her image to some. This is an interesting development and no doubt that she is up to something for 2012.


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