Lane Kiffin and More…

Lane Kiffin was USC’s forth choice for a head coach and he jumped at the chance even though he was at Tennessee for only 14 months. Many people are outraged. But lets look at a few things.

Lane Kiffin was asked by his AD if USC offered the job would he be interested and Kiffin said yes. I don’t know all the reasons why except if you gave me a choice between Knoxville and So. Cal. I am going to the beach.

Here is the deal. Everyone has a job or two you would love to have. You may have a dream job. I know I do. What if you started a new job 14 months ago and then your dream job came open and not only was it your dream job it paid your dream salary, would you go? Be honest.

I think most of us would. It isn’t disloyal, untrustworthy, or anything like that. It is your dream job and you don’t turn it down. I don’t know where USC ranks on Kiffin’s list but it is somewhere below an NFL head coaching job and above UT.

A few years ago Dennis Franchioni was at Alabama and we were on cloud nine. He had a dream job it was Texas A&M. The job came open and he left for it. The way he left didn’t sit well (he denied he was interested then jumped on a plane, took the job, send a video tape telling the players goodbye).

Kiffin took a job he wanted. The way he left not so good. Of course coaches were going with him. You know why? UT is going to hire a new coach and he will fire them for his people. But the calling recruits and telling them not to enroll so they can follow him to USC, that is sketchy. I mean you recruited them on UT’s dime so that is quiet shady.

All I know is this, if I got a call and was offered my dream job for a dream salary I will tell them yes. I hope I would leave in a classy way but I would leave.

As a Alabama fan here is what I know. Nick Saban will leave one day. He will get the itch to do more. He probably has a dream job and he may well take it one day soon. He is not vested in Alabama. We are paying this mercenary almost 4 million to coach here. He has no ties to Alabama. He will leave in a heartbeat if and when he wants. And if he looses ball games he will leave when the school wants.

Phillip Fulmer was a UT player, assistant coach for 13 years, and then head coach for 16 years. He gave 33 years of his life to UT. He was born in Tennessee. Then they dismissed him after winning 75% of his games as a coach and all the UT faithful rejoiced. So don’t talk about loyalty or being betrayed.

College football is a business.


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