10 Websites Great for Youth Ministers

MTV created youth culture now they have a website dedicated to talking about it. MTV Sticky

YPulse is dedicated to youth marketing information. They collect hundreds of articles from all over that talk about youth trends and culture.

Billboard tells you the top 100 songs and albums.

Wisdom Works has developed a mentoring program for your adults to work with your students. It is free and worth the look.

Preview is an online movie review. It is free and will tell you everything you want to know about a movies content. It doesn’t do every movie but the major ones.

Prayer Centers are a great way to help your youth group pray and have a cool experience.

Istock is a stock photo site and they charge money for pictures. But every week you can download for free the picture of the week. I have a collection of over 100 high quality pictures now.

Teen Bible Study Community has some great lesson ideas. I like to go here and get ideas and class material.

Mail Chimp is a free email newsletter site you can send out to all your parents or students or up to 500 people whoever they may be.

Get a Human. Ever want to call a company and not have to go through the hassle of dealing with machines. This site tells you how to get a human instead of a computer.


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