Doing What Comes Easy

Tim Tebow is a great leader and role model. I think if you are a Christian you probably like the guy unless you just can’t stand the Gators. Everyone talks about how this guy is the real deal and his head coach says your life will change if you get to spend 5 minutes with the guy.

If I could meet Tebow and could work up the nerve I would like to ask him one question. “You have been told for 4 years that your throwing motion  would keep you from being a top draft pick and cost you millions so why haven’t you changed it?” Todd McShay gave Tebow a D for his performance for the senior bowl week and said that he may have even dropped another round because when matched up with the best his flaws become even more evident. But the guy had 4 years to correct what everyone said was an elongated throwing motion. I can’t help but to think that if I was told you could make $500k a year and not change or $5 million a year if you do I would change.

But then again would I? Most of us know our weaknesses but we don’t work to change them. Why? It takes hard work. It is often trying to undo years of doing? It isn’t easy. Doing what we do is what we know and we are afraid of the unknown. There are probably more reasons.

As ministers we all know areas we need to improve. It may not be worth a couple of million bucks but it could be worth a few more people understanding the bible, being saved, giving their life to God, etc.. Even though most of us know this we don’t work to change areas that we know need work. We may try for a while but inevitable we just do what we do, what works, what makes up good but not great, what it comfortable.

I think it is a tragedy that Tim Tebow had thrown away millions up front because he didn’t do whatever it took to fix a problem that everyone told him he had and that could have been fixed. I think it is a tragedy that I have thrown away hours, sermons, opportunities to change my and others lives because I didn’t do whatever it took to fix problems I could have fixed.

Tebow now has a chance to redeem himself and become a legitimate NFL quarterback. He will have to work hard to retrain himself but he can do it. I also have a chance to redeem myself. I will have to work hard to retrain myself, be patient and persistent, but if I do it could make a tremendous difference in God’s kingdom.


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