Praying for Your Church

In November at NYWC Francis Chan spoke and said something that I didn’t like because he said something that highlighted a weakness of mine. He said that he believed that any person who wouldn’t spend an hour in prayer each day for their church needed to quit their ministry job. He told his staff this and challenged us to spend an hour a day in prayer.

So I am doing a lot of thinking about this and feel compelled to do this. Here is the problem I am having. What do you pray for when you pray for your church for an hour? Now I know many who read this blog are like me in that you rarely comment on entries. But I could use your help.

What do pray about when you pray for your church?


2 responses to “Praying for Your Church”

  1. Matthew says :

    I spend time praying that God will lead us and help us see his plans. Our goal is to wait for his leading. I do not want to make my plans and then ask him to bless them but to follow his plans and ask him to bless me as I do them.

  2. John D says :

    I pray for our individual elders and ask God to give them wisdom. The ones I disagree with I pray for more and ask God to give me the wisdom to see why he has put them in leadership and to help me respect and honor them.

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