Sacred Meal by Nora Gallagher

I have been enjoying the Ancient Practices series by Nelson. I can not tell you how excited I was to read “Sacred Meal”. Part of the reason for this is that I heard Phyllis Tickle the series editor talk on the Lord’s Supper in 2008 and she gave some amazing insights into the meal. So I had this book pre-ordered from the time I could do so on Amazon.

Every book has a purpose and a goal. Unfortunately the goal and purpose Gallagher had, was not what I had hoped for or expected. I had hoped that the book would show how this meal originated from Abraham and Genesis 14:20  Melchizedek, the Passover, to the Lord’s supper and how it transformed from the first century to now. But it didn’t except a few pages of a very brief overview.

The book was not a total lost. The first four chapters had sections that I enjoyed and learned from. I spent some time meditating on her view of waiting, receiving, and afterwards. She had some great thoughts and illustrates very well through the book.

Overall however it was a true let down and now I have the hard choice to give it away because I will never use it again or to collect it to keep the series intact. I don’t like keeping books I know I will not use again (I believe this is a sin but I will save that for another day) but I hate breaking up a series. Oh well I guess to keep from sinning against myself I will give it away at the youth ministers retreat next month. Anyone want to claim divs?


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