Health Care and Ministers

Health Care has passed and there is still a lot of political questions about how this will play out. Will the senate pass reconciliation, will people sue and force this to the Supreme court, how long will we be forced to hear about this?

As I read blogs and facebook status’ it seems everyone is sharing an opinion on this. I can’t help but to wonder as a minister what should be our role in sharing our politics with people?

I have begun to question this more and more. I know that no matter what my opinion is I will alienate some. I will be honest I dislike most republicans right now. I avoid some at church because I don’t believe Obama is the anti-Christ and to some this makes me the anti-Christ. And we all know you can’t openly profess to be a democrat and a Christian so I have no gripe with them at the moment because I don’t know who they are.

I just wonder if I am avoiding some Christians right now because I don’t want to hear another speech about politics if there aren’t some non-Christians who are avoiding us for the same reason.

So as a minister what should be our role in sharing our politics with people and what could be the dangers of either way?


One response to “Health Care and Ministers”

  1. Matthew says :

    Ministers we should preach morality and nothing else. They also need to be very careful about social commentary on issues that are not morally wrong but their philosophy. I know preachers that have had to move because they annoyed members with there views on things from schools to politics. I have personally been annoyed by our ministers comments on the dangers of health care and I even opposed it. But I don’t like people who rail against it constantly and demonize the president.

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