Review of Grapple Jr. High Material

I bought Group’s junior high small group material called Grapple in February.I am not a fan of prepackaged material because it is either fluffy, hard to follow, made for a 90 session, topics that I would never teach, old and out dated, expensive, etc. I thought I would gamble and spend the $99 to get one quarter of Grapple and see if it was any good and in a worse case situation I could use it as a resource.

As it turns out I love this product. I am shocked as to how good it is. The lessons are for a 90 minute session but the way it is written you can leave out parts and the lesson will still flow easily. It is also very easy to follow. Each lesson has games, an object lesson or activity, a video clip, the main section for teaching, and activities to help reinforce the lesson. The lessons have great content and are things I want to teach our students.

The only hold back is that it cost $99 a quarter but this is nothing compared to the fact I have a lesson I can hand 14 teachers and they all can follow it and enjoy teaching it. This quarter I have had the best feedback from my teachers and students. This is the first major publishing house block curriculum I can endorse.


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