Eye Fi

I just learned of this new little device. I am constantly amazed at technology. Eye Fi is a memory card that can also connect to wireless internet to automatically download your pictures to your computer of online storage site. It will also automatically upload them to several social networking sites including: Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa.

Google is offering a special that if you buy one year’s worth of expanding storage of $50 plus or 200GB plus you get a free 4mb Eye Fi card. A 4MB Eye Fi card cost $50. So you can get both for one price until May 27.

The great thing is that when your on a trip and you can get to a wifi zone you can backup your pictures. How cool is that?


One response to “Eye Fi”

  1. Adam says :

    I don’t know if you are a fan of Evernote or not, but Eye-Fi can be automatically set to send pictures to Evernote, as well. Just another way to back up those pictures and not use up hard drive space.

    (As a trivia tidbit, Evernote and Eye-Fi are, literally, next-door neighbors. Their corporate offices are next door to each other, so they promote each other like crazy.)

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