What Do We Want Students to Look Like?

What do we want our students to look like when they graduate high school? Spiritually where do you want them to be? I am reading Orange by Reggie Joiner and he ask this question.

We have about 50-75 hours a year to impact students. That is really very little time when you think about it. So the answer to the question what do we want our students to look like or be when they graduate is really important. It is easy for us to get side tracked by many things that we would love for them to know but what are the things we think they must know and we believe if they leave for college without them they may not stay true to God? How much time are we spending on these concepts and truths?

I think it is so easy for us to want to tell students so many things that we may not emphasize and pass on the important things. When we set out to do our curriculum it is imperative that we explore what we want our students to become and then teach on those things. If we are not intentional then we are hoping it turns out well.


One response to “What Do We Want Students to Look Like?”

  1. Robbie Mackenzie says :

    Powerful thought Rusty. I was asked this question at NCYM in Colorado and was surprised by all of the answers. 50-75 hours is not a lot of time. When I first started youth ministry I wanted to make students know a bunch of things. I equated spiritual growth with biblical knowledge. Soon I began to realize that some of the students knew a lot about the Scriptures but that did not translate into transformative lifestyles.

    More and more I just want my students to stand out and be radical disciples. They don’t have to look like Shane Claiborne and wear earth garments with the latest weird sandals. But I want them to be committed, passionate, authentic and contagious disciples of Christ.

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