Digital Scavenger Hunt Tips

Every summer we do a digital scavenger hunt. We have done the traditional “take a picture of your team doing ____”. This year I wanted to do somethings different and make where there were clues for teams to have to figure out where to go then when they got there they would find an envelope with a note telling them what to take a picture of and the next clue. This being my first time I found a few things out and thought I would share some lessons I learned.

1. If there are multiple locations of the same place make sure the clue tells them which one. We had a clue to go to the cemetary. There are three in town. Two are in a rough part of town so I thought everyone would know it was the third. No. One team spent 30 minutes in the two cemetaries in the ghetto.

2. Tell one person where the places are to help the team when they get it totally wrong. You don’t want a leader telling the answers but sometimes people will get things totally wrong. One of our clues said go near the square and you would find a red Led Zeplin … One team wanted to go to the guitar store that was about 2 miles away.

3. Help people understand what good pictures look like. So you did your scavenger hunt and began looking at the pictures and realized that all you can see if a group of people doing something but you’re not sure what. Sometimes you may have to have large teams and to get good pictures you need to take pictures in smaller groups.

4. It will always take longer than you thought. You think it will take 1 hour it will take longer.


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