Prayer Chapel 2010

Last night was our prayer chapel and it was amazing. It is one of my favorite things to do and students who come will always walk away connecting with various stations. The way we do our chapel is we have 10-15 stations that you a prompt for praying for something and usually give you something physically to do as you pray. I will give you a brief description of the ones we did this year and you can go to to get to complete list and details. Here is last years link

A few things to know if you plan on doing a chapel of your own.

1. It takes a lot of time to set up.

2. The more private the space the more students are willing to open up. We use dividers from screens they have at our wedding showers at church and also dishwasher boxes we got from a local appliance store.

3. You will need some background music to help with noise. We use instrumental only with no vocals. I like nature scape/ spa music.

4. Depending on your flooring you may want people to take off their shoes to keep noise down.

Prayer Chapel 2010

1. Light of the world – each person lights a candle and prays for God to help them to be a light to a specific person this week.

2. Bandaids – We got this from Lilly Lewin. Take a cross and have student think of someone who needs to be healed. Have them write their name on a bandaid and attach it to the cross as they pray for them.

3. Bubbles – This came from the book “Imaginative Prayer for Youth Ministry”. You think about all your worries and blow the bubbles. The bubbles represent your letting go of your worries and giving them to God. As they pop you imagine as if God has taken those cares away from you.

4. Holey-ness – We got this from a Contemplative Prayer Blog. You take two sheets of paper that are cut out like gingerbread men. One represents you. Take a hole punch and as you read a list of sins for each you have committed you punch a hole in your man. Then you take the other man that represents Jesus and paste him to the back of your man to represent how Jesus heals the wounds sin has created.

5. Wash Away Your Sins – You take a bowl of water with a little bit of bleach added. Then take cloth cut into strips and have them write sins they are struggling with on the cloth with a washable marker. Then they wash away their sins. The bleach will cause the color from the marker to disappear and the water will still be clear.

We did 7 others and you can get them on our website.


One response to “Prayer Chapel 2010”

  1. Robbie Mackenzie says :

    Hey Rusty. Again a good idea. We are doing something along these lines this weekend at our lock-in. I am using the song “Fix You” by Coldplay and having a station for each two lines of the song…It will climax into the auditorium where we will play a video of the song and talk about its theological implications for our spiritual lives. It’s really a powerful song. Not my idea though…

    Check it out…

    They also have a neat idea about post secret card at


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