Training Volunteers

Volunteers make most youth ministry programs. You need people to help you as you guide and run your ministry. I am blessed to have 18 volunteer youth workers who teach on Wednesday night, go on trips, show up to ball games, and minister to our students. These men and women have great hearts for working with our teens but like all of us could use some training to help them be better. The question has always been how do we do this.

We have decided to start what we are calling “The Volunteer Youth Worker Training Series”. It will be a 30 minute training audio in an interview style format. The goal is to find various people who are experts or just amazing in various areas of ministry and interview them to help give great advice and training to those who are helping with youth ministry. We didn’t want to keep this to ourselves so we are making it available to everyone for free. We will add it to the podcast and you can download it from iTunes or TalkShoe and make copies and give it to your volunteers.

Our first session will be on Counseling Teens with Ben Hayes. Ben is a Associate Licensed Profession Counselor in Florence, AL and is also a full time youth minister at the Highland Park church of Christ in Muscle Shoals, AL. This should be available via the podcast on August 25th.


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