Pictures and Ministry

Pictures are something that everyone loves to look at. How many times have you Facebook stalked people’s pictures? So how are you using pictures in your ministry? Here are some suggestions:

Put them on Facebook – You will need to decide on what privacy level you want to place them. I use friends and friends of friends minus people I may friend but don’t know that well. The great thing is that it is free publicity for your events! People will tag themselves and everyone looks at them.

Website – People will actually come to your website if they are on there and constantly updated.

Youth /Class Room – Pictures tell the story of who you are and where you have been. We have them in our class rooms and in our youth room. When a visitor comes in the first thing they do is start looking at pictures. It gives us a natural way to tell them about us and what we do. This is a picture of John being saved as he was baptized at camp. This is when we helped a family whose house was damaged by the flood.

Take the picture with a poster in mind – I may take 500 pictures at camp but I will think about posters and get about 30-50 of those. Sometimes they are natural and sometimes staged. I have sat at a volleyball game and taken 30 pictures to get one that was perfect for the wall.

Take pictures at ball games – You want to make friends with the ball players and their parents take pictures and give them to them.

Find the photo geek at your church – You may have an aspiring photographer or a pro. We have a couple who love photography. They take pictures of everything. So we get them to go on our trips. At our last retreat they took 400 pictures in 36 hours. They also have great equipment they have shared and bought us.

Posters– Posters are dirt cheap now days. I remember paying $9-15 a poster. Now I can get a 12″ by 16″ poster at Sams in one hour for $4. You could get an 8×10 for $2.


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