Visiting Other Churches Part 1

I am on vacation this week and that means I get to visit other churches. As a minister this is a rare experience so I love when I get to do it. Yesterday we noticed the power of greeters. We went to two churches and they had different styles. The first church had greeters at the door. One man is a first time ballot hall of fame greeter. This guy had IT. When he said hello and talked to you, you felt special. I wanted to give him a hug after talking to him for 30 seconds. After we made it passed him there was another greeter who just said hello.

The second church had greeters inside the auditorium. They went up and down the aisle talking to people once they had sat down. I really liked this because this is the time that you can fell awkward when visiting. It is like eating lunch in junior high when you don’t have a lunch crew. You feel alone and isolated. They had people who were very comfortable meeting people and carrying conversations.

The one thing I notice when I visit is what it feels like when you don’t know anyone or where to go. You become the outsider and not the insider. As we sat at the first church no one really talked to us. We had about 3 minutes till worship but it was awkward feeling. We felt like the kid who got 10 pimples the first day of going to a new school. The second church the greeters working the auditorium helped connect people to each other. Have you attended here before was her first question to everyone. She talked to the people around them and got them talking to each other. We were really early for this service and it was nice.

What have you experienced?


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