Visiting Churches – Part 2

One of the churches we visited on this trip had some baptisms. This is always exciting to see but something was different here that I really liked. Here is what they did different from what I am used to seeing

1. They explained to people who may not know what they believed about baptism. It was simple, short, and helped everyone know what they were witnessing.

2. They had the family and friends of the people being baptized stand. They recognized their contribution in helping the person come to faith.

3. They explained who the person was and their story. I loved this. It gave us in the crowd who didn’t know the person insight and made us feel connected to them.

4. There was joy in the atmosphere. People in the crowd were beaming, the person baptizing them had a joy and excitement on their face that was electric. One girl being baptized was crying and gave a big hug afterwards.  One guy threw his arms in the air afterwards and looked to his family and friends with a great big smile on his face.  Another just had a big smile that wouldn’t come off his face.

I didn’t know any of these people but I couldn’t help but to be moved by the joy, excitement, and energy that was in the room. I have been many places where baptism where so sacred and holy that there was no room from anyone to be excited or it might ruin the holy somber. But this is one of the most exciting events that can ever take place so why don’t we celebrate like it is?


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