Wedding Ceremony Sermons

If you stay in student ministry for very long you will begin getting asked to do weddings. This is one of the greatest perks of the job. I love doing weddings. I have also been to many weddings and seen wonderful ones and awful ones. I have attended weddings where the sermon / ceremony was 25 minutes on why God hates divorce. Yikes nothing says I love you like 23 references to divorce. I have been to the ones where the preacher who knew the couple all their life did a can ceremony that he have changed the names and done for a random couple at the courthouse. I am the self-proclaimed best wedding guy so I am going to share with you some secrets to performing a great wedding.

  1. Keep it under 15 minutes
  2. Personalize it, you don’t know them, get to know them.
  3. Tell their story. Chances are most of the people there have no idea how the couple met. Tell their story and give the ooh awe details that are just too sweet.
  4. Get the parents to give a blessing to their new family member. I get this in advance and work it in before the vows.
  5. Have the couple tell you 10 reasons why they love the person they want to marry. Then tell them during the wedding. Dana, Rusty loves you and says he loves….
  6. If possible get them to write their own vows. This works half the time. If they will not then I use some I have written that sound better and more natural than the old standard.
  7. Include some humor. Usually their love story will include some and sometimes their can be a funny line in the vows.

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