Chicken, Waffles, and Church

While in Atlanta I went to Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles. I saw this on the Food Network and it was amazing. By far the best fried chicken I ever. But this is not about the chicken. It is about my waiter Michael.

When Michael came to take our order Dana got the classic chicken and waffles and I told him, “I have never been here so bring me what you think I need to eat”. I have done this at many places before and this usually results in the waiter asking me what I like, trying to give me option after option. They are afraid that I will not like what they bring me and that I will complain or something like it I guess. But not Michael. I told him to bring me what I need to eat, he took my menu and left. I was a little shocked because I have never been somewhere and the waiter so confident. He didn’t tell me what he was going to bring me. He didn’t ask me any questions. He didn’t hesitate. He knew what I needed to eat and never asked me anything or told me anything he placed the order and brought me the food.

As Dana and I were waiting she began teasing me about what if he brought me livers or something that I don’t like. Then he brought out this pepper sauce that is common for collard greens. I hate collard and turnip greens. She teased me more.

He brought out our food and told us to share because we had the best two things on menu. I got a gravy covered fried chicken with greens, mac and cheese, and a great corn muffin. It was amazing well except for the greens but Dana enjoyed them.

What I liked about Michael was that he knew what I needed. He didn’t have to ask a hundred questions. He didn’t have any doubts that I may not like it. He knew what I needed and brought it to me. He didn’t ask me if I liked gravy or greens. He brought me what I needed to eat at Gladys’. I couldn’t help but to think, “are we that confident with church and God?”. If someone moved into our area and asked you about church or shared with you a problem would you have the confidence to tell them with no doubt in your mind that what you need is Jesus and our church is the place to come to help you?

And if you are in Atlanta you must go to Gladys Knights restaurant!



One response to “Chicken, Waffles, and Church”

  1. Robbie Mackenzie says :

    Good post Rusty! I am catching up on your posts this morning.

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