The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask

The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask (with answers) is by Mark Mittelberg. The book addresses 9 questions. The first five deal with apologetic issues: evolution, Jesus a philosopher or God, Bible contradictions, and the problem of evil. The last four deal with moral or ethical issues: abortion, homosexuality, hypocrites in the church, and hell.

Mittelberg does a good job in outlining the basic tension between why we don’t like being asked these questions and what are the basic arguments or questions we would hear from non-Christian friends. He then gives simple answers to the basic questions. What I like is that he is not thorough. Someone may wish that he gave deep answers and would get more detailed. I wished this was true on some sections but overall I liked the simplicity. I am not a fan of apologetics. So the simple answers are about all I can stomach. So many books lose me because the deep probing answers are out of my league. I am not a science guy so pages of scientific research do not appeal to me. On the moral issues I would have prefered a deeper answer. So I think his approach was wise.

The answers he gives will not convince and atheist or a moral relativist. What his answers will do for you is help you process in your mind what you can know and how scriptures deal with these issues. In matters of apologetics it will give you a defense of your position, questions they need answered from us, and questions they need to answer to really believe their position. In the area of morals he does a good job at outlining the basic issue, questions, and texts. I wished he went a little deeper in explaining the text but that is not the purpose of the book.

The last chapters was questions we should ask. I found this the weakest part of the book. I was looking forward to this chapter but it was a let down. It summarizes each chapter and gives a question to ask concerning each. I found that these were not helpful.

This book is geared toward the Christian who wants an overview to help deal with questions they hope their non-Christians friends ask them. I would recommend this book to have as a resource for people who want a quick answer to these questions.


Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.


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