Facebook Ads

If you are looking for a way to advertise I would recommend giving Facebook Ad a look. The best part of their ads are that you can target people based on the information they provide. Here are some of the areas you can target:

  1. Their location (city, state, region)
  2. Their age by groups of 10 (18-30, 31-40, etc)
  3. Single, married, children or no children
  4. Based on their likes, interests, etc
  5. High School

What makes this method of advertising better is that you only pay for the people who click on the ad. It may be seen by 100 people but if only 3 click on your ad then that is all you are charged. This makes it a bargain. As a youth minister you can advertise an event and target people 12-18, at a specific high school, and only pay for the clicks people make to see your ad. The best part is that you can set this up in minutes and it is super easy and you can set an amount to spend. No more than $___. You should try it for your next out reach event.


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