Tis the Season to Give Gifts and Tips

It is Christmas time so that means getting gifts for people. The 2010 Holiday tipping for Christmas Guide has been released to help you know (and maybe even discover to whom you are supposed to give gifts) how much to give this holiday season.

The guy who delivers your mail – $20 gift they can’t take cash

Your kids teacher – $25-100

Hair Stylist – Tip the cost of the haircut

Personal full-time Child Care Worker – A weeks pay as a bonus

Daycare teacher – $25-75

Babysitter – An extra nights pay as a bonus

Waiter – 20% of the check (the standard is supposed to be 15-20% )

Assistant / Secretary – $50

Student Minister – didn’t see a suggested amount somehow we got left off the list.

Christmas is a great time but also difficult as it can can really stretch a budget. It is also a time to say thanks to people. I have always struggled with what you should give to those who help impact your church.

What suggestions do you have for what to give or how much to give to elders, fellow ministers, teachers, small group leaders, your youth deacon, janitor, and others who bless your ministry?


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